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The Hotel Room Fitness Blast For Busy Travellers.

It really isn't as difficult as travellers think to work out and stay healthy as they travel the world, but quite often on short city breaks or business trips sometimes you just need a quick workout to maintain a bit of strength and cardio, and that is why this workout you can do straight from your hotel room is perfect.

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Why Fad Diets Are Bullshit.

I get it, you want shredded abs to impress all those women (or other men) on the beach, and you know deep down that it will take a lot of discipline and hard work, but all of these fad diets offer you a quick and easy shortcut! You'd be a fool not to take them right? Wrong! Here is exactly why you need to forget all of these bullshit fad diets.

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Men, Masculinity And Martial Arts.

The martial arts are a variety of ancient disciplines that offer a range of health, fitness and obviously self defence benefits, but they are also a haven for nurturing true masculinity and fostering a healthy environment for young boys to learn to be men and for men to become better men, to improve themselves and nurture a positive, healthy masculinity that has largely been lost in today's society. This is why all boys and men should learn martial arts.