Logan Paul Had A Take On Masculinity, And Got It Wrong.

Youtuber Logan Paul recently weighed in on the debate around toxic masculinity with his own views on what masculinity was, and as usual he got it wrong. Logan Paul, the often controversial and often less politely described YouTuber recently appeared on a podcast where he had a mild disagreement with the hosts about what masculinity,… Continue reading Logan Paul Had A Take On Masculinity, And Got It Wrong.

Mental Health

Improving Men’s Mental Health.

It is no secret that men are currently suffering an overwhelming crisis of mental health, but mental health services are consistently failing men and the gynocentric models they are based on are doing more harm than good. It is not men or masculinity that need to change to fit into the current mental health services, it is men's mental health services that need to change to serve the unique needs of masculinity.


Solo Male Travel Safety Tips.

Travelling solo as a man is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself, but there are unique, male specific safety risks that all men should be aware of so that you can take steps to avoid, deescalate or deal with dangerous situations as they happen. Here are my expert safety tips for solo male travellers on a round the world adventure.


10 Places To Get Off The Beaten Track In South East Asia.

South east Asia has been a permanent fixture in the gap year industry and backpacker trail for decades, and for good reason. Places like Bangkok, Bali and Singapore are some of the worlds finest destinations with some major attractions that draw travellers from all over the world, but even in these touristy meccas you can find some real off the beaten path destinations that few travellers and even fewer tourists get to. Here are the top off the beaten path destinations in south east Asia.


The Best Adventure Travel Destinations For Men.

Any man feels the need to get out into the world and put himself to the test, live a life of adventure and focus on activities that will boost his testosterone and make him feel alive. These destinations are the best adventure filled locations in the world and offer some of the best, manly activities you can ever wish for. Here is my expert, field tested and sometimes barely survived guide to the coolest, most manly adventure travel destinations on the planet!


Boys Learning To Be Boys, Celebrating Masculinity Through Children’s Books.

It's no secret that boys are struggling in society. Falling behind in education and aspiration, mainstream media constantly belittling them and demonising them for natural masculine traits and being told constantly that they are wrong just for being boys. This is why author Kenneth Jolivet has penned a seven book box set on masculinity and how it relates to healthy primary school aged boys.


15 Skills Every Man Needs To Learn.

What does it mean to be a man? Well it means a lot of different things to a lot of different individuals, individuality is in and of itself a strong masculine trait after all, but there are some common aspects of masculinity that bring us all together as men, some milestones we need to hit, skills we need to have, and here are the 15 essential skills every man needs to learn at some point in his life.