Welcome To Mind Your Manhood.

Mind Your Manhood is the ultimate men’s travel and lifestyle website.

I have been travelling the world independently for twenty years, travelling through over 100 countries on almost every continent, and I want to bring you some of the best of those travel adventures from a man’s perspective to encourage you to do the same.

We are here to talk about the best travel destinations for men, about travel from a mans point of view, the best in adventure travel, the best nightlife spots, the best hotels, and how men can travel the world on their own terms!

But this is also a site where men can come for refuge. A site where men can be men. Mind Your Manhood is a men’s lifestyle website that celebrates masculinity and everything it means to be a man in today’s world.

Society has told men that they don’t need to be men anymore, well in here you do. This is a site for real men to man up, a place for men to be men, to reclaim their masculinity and learn to once again embrace their masculine traits and raw masculine energy without quarter or apology.

This is the site where men can come to enjoy the fact that they are men without ridicule or shame, a site where men can learn to once again be the leaders and warriors we are meant to be, become the fathers we should be and the masculine roll models society needs to be. And on top of that we get to talk about travel, gadgets and other manly stuff too!

Through difficult conversations about men’s issues and mental health, guidance on becoming better at your career and gaining wealth and status, becoming fitter, stronger and healthier, grooming tips and advice on having stronger and more meaningful relationships, and advice on travelling the world and seeking out adventure on your own terms, this is your space to become the master of yourself and your life. It is here to help you become bigger, better versions of yourselves and let you enjoy the awesomeness of being a man.

In short, Mind Your Manhood is here to help you become the man you were always meant to be. If you want to man up then come and join our community, enjoy the blog and support us by checking out the books and other merchandise, and tell the world being a man is awesome.

A Little About Me.

I am a published novelist and author of ‘Man Up’ as well as many other titles, a professional adventurer and world traveller of over 20 years with over 100 countries under my belt. I also have degrees in social science, criminology and nursing with specific interests in emergency nursing and tropical medicine. I also write about my other passions, martial arts, health and fitness, culture, politics and history.