The Best Adventure Travel Destinations For Men.

Any man feels the need to get out into the world and put himself to the test, live a life of adventure and focus on activities that will boost his testosterone and make him feel alive. These destinations are the best adventure filled locations in the world and offer some of the best, manly activities you can ever wish for.

Travel is something every man should do for himself, but some destinations offer adventure that is so epic, so legendary, that it not only gives you that boost of testosterone and that chance to practice some of those essential skills that every man should have, but the sheer level of awesomeness just cannot be turned down. These adventure travel activities are so acclaimed, so epic, they boost your masculinity to legendary status and gives you extreme bragging rights down the pub with Dave! Here is my expert, field tested and sometimes barely survived guide to the coolest, most manly adventure travel destinations on the planet!

Volcano trekking in the Indonesian Ring of Fire.

Trekking up an active volcano and staring down into a smouldering crater has to be one of the most manly and adventurous things any man can ever do, and the ring of fire in Indonesia is one of the best places in the world to tick off this impressive bucket list experience! There are an impressive array of small and major, active and non active volcanoes for you to get your volcano trekking fix in Indonesia, some better and more challenging than others. Smaller volcanoes like Kawah Ratu near Bandung offer travellers the chance for daytrippers to take an easy hike up to the crater itself, and are filled with touts taking advantage of the tourist dollars on offer, and Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia’s premier tourist attractions with hundreds of people lining up on the viewing areas, but there are also endless opportunities for you to hire a guide and get off the beaten track with some truly epic adventures, like Mount Semeru in East Java. The choice is yours but either way hiking up a volcano is an epic adventure!

Jungle trekking in Borneo.

There is nothing more manly than proving your worth by hiking and trekking through the dense jungles of Borneo! You can find some decent adventure activities in and around Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, where you can go diving or snorkelling at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park or the Mantanani islands, or you can do the overnight trek up Mount Kinabalu, which involves an overnight stay in a basic hut, but the best, most untamed adventure is on the Western side of Malaysian Borneo, Sarawak. Enjoy the unspoiled wilderness and hike through the many trails in the Danum valley, stay in treetop guesthouses and even head out to an Orangutan rehabilitation centre to see our little ginger cousins!

Bear watching in Slovakia.

What can be more manly than seeing bears in the wild? Well seeing them in a responsible and ethical way after mountain biking through a Slovakian forest of course! Slovakia has over 700 wild bears roaming through the forest and using your tourism money to get a responsible and ethical tour to see them and help to protect them in their natural habitat is just an epic thing to do in and of itself.

Mountain biking down death road, Bolivia.

What is better to test your masculinity like a near death experience? Grab yourself a mountain bike and speed downhill on the infamous death road, where sharp corners, terrifying crossovers and a steep drop to instant death are the least of your worries as you head down one of the world’s most famous – and deadly – roads.

Road trip through the Himalayas.

A road trip is a travellers rite of passage, a unique adventure that is as much about the journey as it is the destination. An intrepid journey that throws you out of your comfort zone, a journey that is quite simply the modern equivalent to the epic hero’s quest. So where better to do that than one of the last untamed wildernesses on the planet, the Himalayas! The Indian Himalayas starting in Himachal Pradesh is the the perfect starting point for your own epic adventure. find or rent a car or even better, a motorbike, and set off on your own grannd tour, take in some Buddhist monasteries, drive to the border of Nepal and make friends with the border police, camp out in an undisturbed paradise or find some cheap digs in a small border town, this will be an adventure you never forget!

Ocean kayaking in Aruba.

Not many people know this but Aruba is well known as an adventure travel destination, especially for wind and water sports like windsurfing, but the small island is a mecca for adventure sports enthusiasts of all kinds, from mountain biking around the island, taking an ATV out through the interior or surfing! I can’t paddle board to save my life but one of my best experiences in Aruba was hiring a Kayak and heading off around the coast exploring little hidden coves, until the strong trade winds took me off course and nearly blew me to Venezuela! Fun and games.

Riding an ATV up a volcano in the Philippines.

What can be more masculine than getting on board your ATV and speeding up the side of an active volcano? Not much! Mount Mayon in the Philippines is a huge adventure activity hub and is the perfect location to hire an ATV and ride roughshod over hard terrain right up to the edge of an actual solidified lava field!

Go shooting in the Czech Republic.

Shooting is not technically an adventure travel activity I know, but is is pretty manly, and letting loose with a Desert Eagle or AK47 is a perfect way to get that testosterone pumping! Like parts of the US, the Czech republic has some very sensible gun laws, and you can easily find a shooting range, choose your weapon and let loose on some good old fashioned paper targets, and at a fraction of the price of the US too! My favourite spot was a shooting range in Ostrava, attached to the side of a pub with an old Soviet Tank out front! You couldn’t make that up! This is why the Czech Republic wins out over the US if you want to test your firearm skills, it is just as safe, a hell of a lot cheaper, and just has that extra edge of insane WTF moments!

Sky diving in Australia.

Skydiving is something you can do anywhere in the world, I know that, but Australia is the traditional end of the gap year banana pancake trail through south east Asia, and this is where most backpackers tick off all those unfinished adventure travel bucket list items. And chief among those, is skydiving! Australia just has some epic spots to do it too, most famously Wollogong (just outside Sydney) and the Mission Beach skydive near Cairns with views of the Great Barrier Reef!

Komodo Dragon spotting in Indonesia.

Trekking to the end of the world to the only place you can still see Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat is the ultimate bucket list adventure, and Komodo National Park in Indonesia is a must see destination on any gap year. Seeing these truly awe inspiring creatures in the wild – and trying to avoid being bitten by one to avoid a painful, lingering death by poison and slow blood loss – is only half the fun, as most backpackers and budget travellers spend days completely cut off from the world and sleeping on deck of a liveaboard boat just to get to the island itself

The world is full of adventure for those who are man enough and willing to seek it out. These are just a few of my favourite suggestions, so get out there, test your own manhood and find your own adventure!