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Clementine Ford And The Everyday Misandry Men Face.

Clementine Ford, the arch man hating feminist, wrote a tweet last week about how the ‘Corona virus is not killing men fast enough’, from which she received some backlash, but this unrepentant misandrist is just one example of the constant man hating men have to deal with in society.

A little over a week ago now Clementine Ford wrote on Twitter “Honestly, the corona virus isn’t killing men fast enough”, the latest in a number of unironic victimhood tweets and reports about how women were suffering more under the corona virus outbreak despite the fact that it was overwhelmingly affecting and killing men. Yes, I know.

Ford is an Australian feminist and author with a long history of misandric rants and man bashing rhetoric, the type of man hating that is the norm in modern third and fourth wave feminism, but this time it seems she went just a little too far.

After a swift (but relatively small) backlash online, this excuse of a feminist was initially unrepentant, tying the tweet to a rant about how the corona virus was forcing a mother to – shock, horror – stay at home and be a mother and insulting the men who dared to disagree with her, but after calls for her to be stripped of a lucrative Arts grant from the city of Melbourne grew louder and it was under review, she eventually apologised, in a round about way. Personally I don’t think an apology is an apology if it has a ‘but’ attached and is accompanied with another rant about how men are supposedly exploiting women during the corona virus outbreak!

Eventually the backlash forced her hand and she ‘handed back‘ the publicly funded grant and deleted all the tweets, but not before attacking those who disagreed with her for having an ulterior motive.

So let me be very clear, there is no agenda here, no ulterior motive, this is just calling out the absolute sexist bigotry, the misandry and absolute man hating agenda coming from society and espoused by disgusting intolerant hypocrites like Clementine Ford. And make no mistake this is sexism. This is absolute bigotry. Male authors have been ‘cancelled’ for far, far less. Imagine if I tweeted out the exact same thing but simply switched out the word men for women, how long do you think it would be before the outrage mobs descended on me and I had far worse comeback on me than she did? A male author would have been fired, booted off social media platforms and had their lives ruined for saying a deadly pandemic isn’t killing the other gender quickly enough.

Clementine Ford is quick to complain against online misogyny, but has no problem being the perpetrator of online Misandry,

This feminist man hating has become the norm now. This is not a joke as Ford tried to claim it to be. Misandry is something men face on a daily basis yet it is not just accepted, tolerated and ignored, but actively celebrated by feminism and a gynocentric society.

Feminist rhetoric and speakers like the misandrist Ford does not just debate or attack actual sexism, but instead crosses the line into all out attacks on men. Men are attacked, insulted and denigrated for their natural innate traits, the way they walk, the way they behave and even the way they sit! Masculinity has been demonised to the point where it is just all out antagonistic war. If women were attacked in the same way for the same things it would be instantly rebuked as misogynistic.

And this latest example of man hating from Ford is just the latest in a long line of ‘Kill All Men‘ misandry that is celebrated throughout the mainstream media.

And this misandry is mainstream. The extremist aspects of third and fourth wave feminism are the norm in academia now, they are celebrated in mainstream media, social media has become nothing but a social justice outrage mouthpiece for feminism, neologisms that use ‘man’ as an insulting suffix such as ‘manspreading’, ‘mansplaining’, ‘manterupting’, ‘man baby’ and more have entered mainstream conversation, and any argument made by a man that goes against this narrative is dismissed as a part of the ‘sexist, misogynistic manosphere’. All of this comes of course with an erroneous disclaimer that it is not sexist to attack men because men supposedly hold all the power.

This is the reason the absolute majority of women do not call themselves feminists, because they see them as the absolute feminazi nutjobs the movement has become. This is why men are pulling away from women and society more and more, because feminism has created a society that is toxic to them. This is the feminism that does nothing to bring men and women together in true gender equality, but instead pushes everyone away and pushes a minority of people to the extreme women hating parts of the internet. They are creating the very thing they say they are fighting against.

Misandry is a very real thing all modern men face. Men are under constant attack and are blamed and demonised at every step. Feminism has called for the end of all men and the end to traditional masculinity at a time when men work longer and die younger, yet have a fraction of health budgets allocated to us, we do worse at school and are underrepresented at college and university level, we are discriminated against in the workplace by equality quotas, we dominate homeless and suicide statistics and suffer more with mental health issues, we are discriminated against in the family courts, treated more harshly in the criminal courts for the same crime and this is just the start.

Women cannot in the face of all of this keep claiming absolute victim status, and there is certainly no place in an equal society for hypocritical, sexist and misandrist authors like Clementine Ford.

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