Man Up: The Essential Champion For Modern Masculinity Coming Soon.

Man Up: Winning The War On Masculinity And Reclaiming Manhood is the much needed book that every man needs to read. The ultimate advocate for masculinity at a time when modern men have never been more under attack, Man Up is the vital war cry against feminism and champion for masculinity that men really need.

Masculinity is in absolute crisis. Decades of constant attack from society has forced men to lose their way. It is an undeniable fact in modern western society that men have it worse in almost every aspect of life, education, the workplace, the family, the legal system, men have it worse in every way despite the  erroneous yet constant narrative that we – as men – are supposedly, infinitely and unquestionably more privileged than our female counterparts.

Men need to Man Up and deal with this problem, but not in the way we are currently being told to.

Men need to reclaim the term ‘Man Up’. There is no such thing as toxic masculinity and being a man is not a negative term. It just means you are displaying all the positive and awesome manly traits that are essential in today’s world.

The term man up has been twisted and warped by a largely feminist agenda into something entirely toxic, and the perversion of the phrase has become a huge problem for men. Feminists have used it to force men into a role that suits and serves women to the detriment of men, and use it as an example of a straw man of ‘toxic masculinity’ that supposedly forces men into stereotypical and negative behaviour, negative only in the fact that it does not conform into the way feminism does not want men to behave or think.

It is time men reclaimed the phrase and told the world that yes we will man up, because being a man is awesome! It is time men took back control of the term, declared to the world that there is no such thing as toxic masculinity and that masculinity is an amazing, positive and indispensable force in society!

There is no shame in Manning up! Because being a man is awesome!

In this book Michael Huxley tells men they need to Man Up and reclaim their masculinity with a war cry that declares men will no longer be seen as the disposable, toxic gender. Man Up takes the bull by the horns and fearlessly discusses all the important aspects of the war on men, including:

  • Positive, healthy masculinity in a feminist world.
  • Men’s rights and taking the red pill.
  • The myth of male privilege and feminist hypocrisy.
  • Men’s sexual relationships, the legal chains of marriage and father’s rights.
  • Why men are going their own way.
  • Men’s mental health.
  • And so much more.

Not afraid to tackle the big issues facing men in modern western society and declare open war on feminism, Man Up is the book that every man needs to read.

Man Up will be available soon…