Boys Learning To Be Boys, Celebrating Masculinity Through Children’s Books.

boys and masculinity childrens books

It’s no secret that boys are struggling in society. Falling behind in education and aspiration, mainstream media constantly belittling them and demonising them for natural masculine traits and being told constantly that they are wrong just for being boys. This is why author Kenneth Jolivet has penned a seven book box set on masculinity and how it relates to healthy primary school aged boys.

“Brilliant Bob” and his three good friends, Superboy Sam, Dazzling Dave and Genuine George are the stars of a box set of seven books aimed at boys aged 2 -10 years old, perfect for those formative years as they grow up learning to read and having story time with their dads. This awesomely illustrated and colourful range of books highlight masculinity through a series of adventures and show young boys that their natural masculinity is normal, healthy and positive.

Kenneth T Jolivet is the award winning author of Society Kills Men, a book that highlights how feminists have hijacked masculinity and are using societies main socialising pillars to wreak havoc in men’s lives.

Young boys are in trouble like they never have been before, and they need our help. Through this new range of children’s books Kenneth Jolivet aims to reverse that trend and build young boys aspirations up as much as young girls are now. By rebuilding boys self esteem and exorcising the demons that feminism has placed into masculinity, young boys can reclaim their masculine identities and grow into healthy, strong and vibrant men.

In my personal estimation this book series is not only much needed, it is not only a long time coming, it is absolutely essential to the survival and health of our boys. Society needs men, it needs strong masculinity, and this book series will start to redress that imbalance from a very early age.

“Brilliant Bob” and his three good friends is currently on kickstarter here. If you believe that boys should be helped, if you believe that boys self esteem and masculine identities are something worth saving, then give this book series your support.