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The Hotel Room Fitness Blast For Busy Travellers.

It really isn’t as difficult as travellers think to work out and stay healthy as they travel the world, but quite often on short city breaks or business trips sometimes you just need a quick workout to maintain a bit of strength and cardio, and that is why this workout you can do straight from your hotel room is perfect.

Anyone who has travelled for any length of time knows that sometimes time can be at a premium, and hotel gyms aren’t always what they are advertised to be. An ageing treadmill facing a cracked mirror, a yoga mat with a dubious stain and a few light free weights that may as well be a few tins of beans for all the weight they carry.

The problem is you still want a bit of exercise. You want to stay relatively fit and healthy when you travel and you don’t want the long travel hours and late nights to completely ruin you. So what do you do? You have an awesome ready to go workout that you can do right there in your hotel room with no fancy gadgets. It allows you a bit of strength training, a little cardio and a little flexibility training too.

The warm up.

Warm ups are designed to loosen up your muscles and get your heart pumping just a little bit, so clear a good six foot square or more if you can and set a timer for around 5 minutes (you can increase this if you want to).

  1. 10 slow clockwise hip rotations.
  2. 10 slow anti clockwise hip rotations.
  3. 10 slow arm rotations to the side.
  4. 10 slow arm rotations to the front.
  5. 10 deep lunges on each leg.
  6. 10 squats with a jump at the end of each one.
  7. 10 Jumping Jacks.

The cardio workout.

Do each exercise set directly after the other, try doing it without a break but if you need one limit it to 30 seconds between each exercise set if you can. Each full circuit should take around 10 minutes. Try and keep good, measured form with each exercise.

  1. 25 Squat jumps.
  2. 25 Star Jumps.
  3. 25 Burpees leading to a stretching jump after each one.
  4. 25 Star Jumps.
  5. 25 Mountain Climbers.

The strength workout.

Straight after your cardio give yourself a minute to grab some water and hydrate, and then start these easy sets of strength exercises. Keep your movements slow and controlled and keep perfect form. For weights fill a small backpack or bag with some bottles of water or other small objects so that you can get a comfortable burn. Each full circuit should take around ten minutes.

  1. 25 Body weight squats.
  2. 25 Push ups.
  3. 25 Incline push up with your feet on a chair or the bed.
  4. 10 Shoulder side raises on each arm with weighted bag.
  5. 10 Bicep curls on each arm with weighted bag.
  6. 10 Tricep dips with weighted bag.
  7. 25 Sit ups.

Cool down and flexibility workout.

Give yourself a minute to grab some water and hydrate and then it is time to cool down and get flexible. Each full circuit should take around ten minutes.

  1. 25 Dual leg raises.
  2. 5 Bridge poses, holding for 30 seconds each time.
  3. 5 Cobra poses, holding for 30 seconds each time.
  4. 5 Cat poses, holding for 30 seconds each time.

This workout is a quick, easy and effective way to maintain a basic level of fitness on the road, and you can do it easily and comfortably from your hotel room. Doing each circuit one after the other should take around 35 to 40 minutes with a couple of drink stops, so you have no excuse whether you are travelling for business or pleasure not to stay healthy on the road! You can even watch TV while you are doing it!

So next time you are stuck in a hotel room just try it. Your jet lag will feel better, you will feel better, and you don’t have to drag yourself down to the tiny hotel gym!