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Why Fad Diets Are Bullshit.

I get it, you want shredded abs to impress all those women (or other men) on the beach, and you know deep down that it will take a lot of discipline and hard work, but all of these fad diets offer you a quick and easy shortcut! You’d be a fool not to take them right? Wrong! Here is exactly why you need to forget all of these bullshit fad diets.

There are a lot of fad diets out there that promise the earth and washboard abs to boot. The Paleo diet, the cabbage soup diet, the blood type diet, the smoothie shake diet, the south beach diet. They are all bullshit.

I get it, maybe you want to get shredded, maybe you just want to lose that beer gut for genuine health reasons, maybe your GP has finally managed to shout at you enough for you to think that diabetes is perhaps not the best idea. Whatever the reason, losing a bit of weight – or to be more accurate lowering your body fat levels to a healthy range – is never a bad idea.

The problem is none of these crappy fad diets will help you do that, at least not in a way that is healthy and sustainable.

Now to be completely objective here some of them will help you lose weight, at least at first. That’s because the majority of them are built around the paradigm of starvation. By only eating one type of food you are starving your body of a whole range of other nutrients that it needs. By only consuming a limited amount of calories your body is essentially starving itself and you will lose body fat.

But you will also starve your body of essential nutrients and fuel, your muscles will atrophy, your mental health will suffer and every system in your body will be affected.

None of this is healthy, none of this is sustainable. A man cannot survive on a crappy fad diets recommendations of so few calories per day a small child would struggle. An average man needs 2500 calories a day to survive at a healthy level, even more if he is doing an active job or training. A man needs a wide range of carbs, proteins and other nutrients to be healthy.

Yes these diets will technically work, but that doesn’t mean they are good for you.

But that is how they work, that is how they suck people in. They make grand promises of quick gains in record times. These are businesses designed to sell books and diet plans and the only thing they will take from you is your money.

So yes you may lose some weight by using these fad diets, but the negative effects on your mind and body is just not worth it, and you will put it all back on eventually anyway because our bodies will react to being starved by producing more hunger inducing hormones, eventually making us just binge on food, and then storing up fat as much as possible in times of plenty. This is what most people call yo yo dieting.

So what do you do?

The answer is a lot easier than most people think. You eat as much or even more than you ever have, you just make sure that the absolute bulk of it is healthy and fresh (you can still allow yourself an occasional treat) and you exercise.

That’s it.

It really is that simple.

Now the exact structure of your diet and the exercises you do is a subject in and of itself, but whatever you do stop thinking of dieting as something you do on a temporary basis to lose weight, and start thinking in terms of your diet being a holistic thing you do all the time. And please, just stop with the bullshit fad diets.

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