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Why Anti Feminism Is Not Misogyny.

Very few people in Western society call themselves feminist, men who push back against the obvious misandry most of all, but one insidious weapon feminists use against men who call out their misandry or disagree with the politics is the phrase ‘you just hate women’. Here is why disagreeing with feminism does not mean that you are against women’s rights or that you hate women.

For almost two decades now feminists have attempted to portray anyone who disagrees with them in the most negative light they can get away with. Their lack of logical defence to their academic or political positions being criticised is met with a shrieking outpouring of triggered feelings and outright personal attacks, all designed to demonise and devalue the person rather than deal with the argument head on.

This isn’t exclusive to feminism of course, it is a tactic that has worked well for the left in general and especially so for social justice warriors. Can’t argue the facts? Just go on a personal attack. Have no way to debate? Just call people names and insult them.

Hate feminism? Then you hate women. Disagree with any aspect of feminist ideology? Then you are an evil misogynist and rapist in waiting. Your views aren’t important because you are an incel, a male, and even worse than that, a white male! You are to be insulted, looked down upon and spat on at every opportunity because your views do not matter.

And this is what modern feminism does to men. All men in general, but specifically those who disagree with their feminist ideology and paradigms. They are doing it because they have nowhere left to go. They can’t argue on logic or fact, because that does not exist in feminism anymore. They can’t debate reasonably or give a robust defence of their positions, so they just make it personal and lambaste you with insults.

But they are getting away with it less and less. Men are not willing to be cowed by these personal attacks anymore and they are saying enough is enough.

Because it simply is not true, being anti feminist is not being anti woman, and people are starting to see through feminist’s shrill bullshit.

Why most people don’t consider themselves feminists.

To understand why this is happening now you have to look at what exactly modern feminism is and why only a tiny percentage of women in the UK and the US call themselves feminist at all.

Feminism is defined as ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes’. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. A simple but valued and necessary movement that very few people can or would argue with. Men and women want, should have, and have achieved equal rights. Great. Nothing to argue with.

But this is not what modern feminism is. There is a world of ideological difference between first wave and the modern third and fourth wave feminism that is nothing more than pure misandry, and to say that modern third wave intersectional feminism is just about equality is disingenuous at best.

Modern feminism has moved on from equity to gender politics, misandry and intersectionalism. Feminists say that feminism is just basically about equality but it just isn’t. Not any more. And this new form of gender politics is not a subsection of feminism, it is mainstream. Third and fourth wave feminists have taken over academia, they have taken over the mass media. This is the form of feminism that is presented to the world, the feminism that oozes misandry, that bullies anyone it cannot cajole into conforming to their cult.

And this is why no one wants to identify with modern feminism.

No one disagrees with equality, what feminism used to be about, but no one is interested in the unholy sexist, misandrist mess feminism has become.

Disagreeing with feminism is not attacking women.

This is why the absolute majority of women don’t identify with feminism anymore. They just don’t see their lives, their beliefs or their politics lining up with what feminism espouses now. The absolute majority still believe in equality of course, as do the absolute majority of men, but feminism it seems no longer does.

Feminism is not about equality any more, it is a pure misandrist hate group that want superiority, not equality, and even disowns and bullies women that aren’t the ‘right type‘ of feminist.

Third wave feminism has absolutely indoctrinated a small number of millennial women, and unfortunately a few creepy, desperate white knights as well, but it in no way speaks for all women, or most women in fact.

Disagreeing with feminism is not in any way, shape or form misogyny, it is not attacking or hating women, because most women aren’t feminists!

The problem of illiberal Liberals.

The big problem with progressive politics today, and that includes third and fourth wave feminism, is the fanatical extremism of it. Feminists (and SJWs for that matter) have a tendency to instantly go on the attack and then run off crying to their safe spaces before anyone can respond. They seem to have a sheer inability to debate, hold a conversation or even hear opposing or in their terminology ‘problematic’ viewpoints without imploding into a seething mess of rage and insults.

Any opposing view that disagrees with their ideology leads instantly to attacking you as a person. If you don’t sign up to their world view wholeheartedly you are obviously just a toxic, misogynistic male who hates women.

If you offer a different viewpoint you are accused of ‘mansplaining’, which again is just shockingly and hypocritically sexist.

It is just a way to try and shut opposing views down, a way to shut men up just on the basis that they are men, and it is frankly pathetic. It shows a staggering lack of intellectual thought and a lack of conviction in their own views.

Unlike these modern third and fourth wave feminists, most people in general can separate the individual from the academic. Most people can have a rational debate, disagree even, without making it personal.

I can talk to someone about their politics and disagree, I can even do it vehemently and robustly and passionately, but I can also do it without hating them personally. That is why I can disagree all and every day with third and fourth wave feminism, but still love most women as a whole.

My argument is with the toxic, misandric mess feminism has become, and the illogical political bullshit it churns out on a regular basis, but not with women themselves. So if you are a feminist, stop saying that I hate women just because you can’t argue with logic and fact.