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There Is No Such Thing As Toxic Masculinity.

Masculinity is under attack. It has been constantly undermined, ridiculed and full on assaulted for the past 40 years, with an increasing insidiousness that has been designed to make society believe that men are the problem, that masculinity in and of itself is toxic. It is not, and we need to stop that message now before it is too late.

Masculinity is not toxic. Toxic masculinity is a phrase designed by modern feminists who hate men to shame, denigrate and abuse an entire gender, it is not a phrase that can be accurately or fairly used to describe the innate characteristics of almost half of society and it is a term that has no basis in logic or fact.

But despite this, the danger behind the term is very real. Society is telling generations of young boys that who they are is toxic, that their natural behaviour and feelings are toxic. That no matter who they are, what they do or what they say, they are wrong, they are harmful, and they themselves are poisoned and wrong in society just for being who they are.

What message do you think the term toxic masculinity sends to young boys? What damage do you think it does to constantly hear that your masculinity is toxic, evil or wrong?

Masculinity is an inherent trait. There are of course social roles and constructs that are based on these traits but on the whole masculinity is based on a set of inherent biological, psychological and emotional traits. Testosterone levels, the male brain, hormones and chromosomes, these are all things that men naturally have and cannot help, so why are certain sections of society allowed to dismiss them all as toxic?

If you want to talk about specific individual behaviours then fine, I don’t think any sane person would argue that any behaviour regarded as a crime such as assault or rape isn’t bad, but both men and women can assault and rape, and do in fact. Bullying or abuse can arguably be defined as toxic, I’d accept that. But both men and women bully and abuse in equal measure. So why are these behaviours solely being attributed to men? Why is it that only masculinity is toxic?

Imagine if we were to label all femininity as poisonous? All women as toxic? How about we don’t stop there? What negative attributes should we assign to any specific race or skin colour? How about we attach negative labels to those of a certain height?

When framed like that, the term toxic masculinity starts to look a little bigoted doesn’t it?

The fact of the matter is all behavioural traits, whether they are traditionally assigned to masculinity or femininity, can be both good and bad in equal measure.

Aggression can be used to hurt or it can be used to protect, those same aggressive men feminists accuse of being ‘toxic’ will be the same men who protect civilians as police officers or soldiers, step in front of a bullet to save a life or use that aggression to kick a door down and run into a burning building.

Assertiveness can be used to bully or it can be used to lead.

Strength can be used to dominate or it can be used to help.

Taking the negative aspect of any behaviour and using that as justification to label an entire gender as toxic is wrong. It is illogical and it is discriminatory, and is more about the negative prejudice and hatred toward men shown by modern feminism than it is about masculinity itself.

The term toxic masculinity is nothing more than sexist, misandry driven nonsense.

When it boils down to it ‘toxic masculinity’ is a term invented by third wave feminists to describe the dysfunctional manhood that props up the ‘patriarchy’, another term they have twisted to fulfil their endless victim narrative. It is a term that is nothing more than sexist, misandry filled nonsense.

Masculinity in and of itself is in no way toxic, but the big problem is that the harm the term ‘toxic masculinity’ can do is very real. Boys are being asked to eliminate every aspect of their own natural behaviour. They are being shamed into expressing more feminine traits whether they want to or not and that is creating entire generations of weak and confused men with a lot of problems due to not being able to express or deal with their natural tendencies and feelings in a way that works for them.

Masculinity is something to be proud of, it is something that should be applauded and celebrated. Instead of telling young boys that they are wrong and toxic, we should be raising them to be real men, to display their masculinity and use that drive, that strength, that stoicism to make themselves and the society around them the best they can be.