Mens Issues

It Is Time For Men To Be Men Again.

Society has demonised masculinity for the better part of 40 years now, to the point where ‘real’ men have been shunned, ridiculed and are struggling to survive in a society that labels them toxic. The feminised bastardisation of masculinity is in full effect and men and boys have lost their identity and role in society to the detriment of everyone. It is time for men to stand back up and be real men again.

The demonisation and feminisation of masculinity and manhood over the last few decades is undeniable. It is tangible. In a society that has demonised masculinity almost out of existence the deficiency of real men in society is keenly felt.

In times past men were a formidable force. A real man was strong and tough, capable of hunting a mammoth to feed his family or wielding a sword to protect his village. Men were stoic, capable of taking whatever the world threw at them and replying with nothing but a scowl and a sarcastic remark. Emotions were something that were dealt with privately and any deviation from that norm was met with swift ridicule.

Beards were the result of being out in the wilderness or the outback too long without a decent bowie knife to shave with, a cultivated air of unkempt manliness, not a fashion statement for hipsters carefully manicured with scented avacado oil. Disagreements were dealt with face to face, with fists if necessary, not behind the anonymity of a keyboard. Men had a code, they had honour, and the long lamented chivalry – that little thing feminism killed and women still clamour for – still dictated a mans behaviour.

The archetypes of the masculine superhero, the cowboy or the swashbuckling adventurer did not come out of nowhere. There is a reason why entire generations of young boys grew up reading Superman and Batman comics or idolising anything Schwarzenegger or Stallone did in the 80s on the silver screen. There is a reason these traits became symbols of masculinity, symbols of hope and positivity, symbols to look up to.

But in the eras of the ‘modern man’ and ‘me too’, men have been systematically taken apart bit by bit to be nothing more than feminine shells of their former glory. Society has deprived young boys of the traditional role models, rites and rituals they need to grow into men.

Everything from the education system to the courts and legal systems are set up to favour women from the start. Boys are taught that they are the problem in classrooms and are punished or even medicated for ‘boisterous’ behaviour. ‘Aggressive’ play fighting or competitive games that are natural to boys have been banned in schools, and the competitive aggression that boys partake in has been demonised in favour of a culture where everyone gets a trophy.

Exams and teaching methods have been set up to favour young girls, and men are discriminated against in colleges and the workplace with a system that wants equality of outcome, not equality of access.

Men are actively discriminated in family courts, and more than a quarter of children grow up without a father or male role model. leading to far greater chances of depression, anxiety, criminality, incarceration and poverty.

Men are constantly demonised, told by society that they are evil purveyors of the patriarchy, that mythical unicorn that feminists use to justify their eternal victim status.

Men are told by a feminised society they are all potential rapists and abusers just on the mere fact that they are men, that the traditional roles they once occupied can be done better by women just on the fact of their gender alone, that the innate emotions, feelings and behaviours are wrong, that they are toxic.

Masculine traits like strength, leadership, assertiveness and stoicism are only to be celebrated when displayed by a woman, when men show those traits it is evidence that they are brutish, vile, toxic abusers who hate women.

But the truth is that it is not the hegemonic traits of masculinity that are toxic to men, it is the social narrative that they are toxic itself that is harmful.

When masculinity itself is shunned by society, when men are told constantly that they are wrong, evil, and should suppress their natural behaviours, that leads to unimaginable social, psychological and emotional harm.

There are entire generations now of confused men, unsure how to deal with innate feelings and how to control their natural masculine tendencies. Men make up the majority of suicides and sit on the top of a mental health timebomb with depression amongst young men running at an all time high.

The answer to the problems men face in today’s society is not to make them less toxic, it is not to make them more feminine or more like women. It is to make them more like real men. Men should no longer be dictated to by a misandrist feminist theory and a feminised society. Men need to look up to other men. Men need to celebrate masculinity and start to see it as a positive force once again.

All of those traits, aggression, strength, violence, ambition and competition that are inherent in the male psyche and women find so toxic do not disappear when men become feminised, they just become internalised with no way to control or manage them. When boys are taught to deal with these traits naturally, with strong male role models and positive reinforcement, these traits can be harnessed and forged into positive societal forces.

When masculinity is embraced, real men are warriors, protectors, providers and leaders. They are the men who work hard to provide, stand up against tyranny, defend against abuse and protect against evil.

When masculinity is demonised, men are passive, irresponsible and weak, and that is not a man that is a useful part of society.

Masculinity is not toxic. Masculinity is not a bad thing. Men need to stand up and embrace that masculinity. It is time for men to man up. It is time for men to be real men again.