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Top 8 Cheap Secret Superfoods You Need In Your Shopping Basket.

Supermarket shelves aren’t always going to be filled with everything we want, and we aren’t always going to be able to afford the fanciest cut of prime steak or fancy truffles, so these are the cheap supermarket basics you can easily get your hands on and are full of all the nutrients your body needs.

Let’s be honest. Between modern pandemics, panic buyers nicking every last morsel, insecure incomes and prices rising all the time, it isn’t always feasible to spend a fortune every week to make sure that your diet is full of ethically sourced, 100% hipster premium foods, but as a man you know you still need to look after yourself. The good news is a good diet is right there in the basic and even frozen sections of your local supermarket.

Okay, so technically there isn’t such a thing as a superfood, it is a marketing ploy, but there is such a think as foods that are so densely packed with nutrients and health benefits they are better than others.

You can get all the nutrients a healthy body needs, even if you are specifically exercising for weight or muscle gain, from nutrient dense superfoods that won’t break the bank and most people overlook. These are the best, nutrient rich foods you should be putting in your shopping basket right now.


Bananas are one of the best fruits out there, delicious and packed with potassium, vitamin B6, fibre and carbohydrates. Eat them as is, slice them up on your breakfast or even make a morning smoothie out of them!

Baked Beans.

Beans are usually overlooked but are full of fibre and protein, and the tomato sauce is even a source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been found to reduce prostate cancer, one of mans biggest killers.


Alongside bananas, blueberries make an awesome smoothie or oat topper, and contain a ton of fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin C and vitamin B6 (good for the central nervous system). It is strongly recommended to help fight high cholesterol and heart disease.


The Journal of Nutrition has found that garlic reduces the risk of stomach cancer, as well as having natural medicinal properties for many conditions including high blood pressure and poor blood circulation. They are really easy to add to your diet too. Just chop or crush a clove or two and chuck it into a veg stir fry or something.


Ever since Rocky chugged down those raw eggs before the big fight, men have seen eggs as an awesome source of protein, and they were right! As well as this eggs are packed with vitamin D and Choline, which reduces blood pressure and helps reduce body fat levels. It even helps your liver recover faster and get rid of toxins. There is a reason the full English breakfast is a solid hangover cure!


Yes they are boring, I get that, but oats are an absolute beast of a superfood. They are full of soluble fibre, which helps slow digestion and regulate insulin levels, which make it a perfect breakfast for diabetics, and are rich is magnesium which helps regulate blood pressure. Stick a load of chopped fruit on top for taste and you have a solid breakfast!


Tinned Tuna is easy to buy in bulk and keep in your cupboard, and is absolutely ram packed with protein, omega 3 (which is good for your heart), plenty of essential fish oils and niacin which is great for your cholesterol. Chuck a tin in with a load of salad for a perfect post workout meal.

Frozen Veg.

We all know fresh veg is the best, but let’s face it by the time it has gotten to the supermarket, much less been sitting in your fridge for a few days, fresh it certainly isn’t, and most of the nutrients will have disappeared. This is why despite the crappy reputation the chavvy mecca of Iceland has given frozen food, studies have shown frozen veg contain up to 4 times the amount of nutrients their fresh counterparts do, are often cheaper in terms of buying bulky bags, and saves you running to the shops every few days which is a pain in the arse anyway! So whether it is frozen peas, broccoli or whatever, if you can get it in frozen form, don’t look down on it.


With the exception of broccoli, spinach is my go to vegetable for any meal. Spinach is a vital source of vitamin K (for both health), vitamin A (great for your eyes, immune system and vital bodily functions), vitamin C (for your immune system), vitamin B2 (for breaking down carbohydrates and body fat into energy), manganese, magnesium and Iron.

These are some of the best superfoods you can stick in your shopping basket when you have to limit your buying to the essentials. They are cheap, easy to find and absolutely packed with all the nutrients your body needs!

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