Welcome To Mind Your Manhood.

Welcome to Mind Your Manhood! Mind Your Manhood is a men’s lifestyle blog and a website that celebrates masculinity and everything it means to be a man in todays world.

Men and masculinity have been demonised for over 40 years now. We have been told repeatedly that everything we do and everything we are is wrong. First we had to change and become ‘modern men’ in the 80s, and now masculinity itself is apparently just outright toxic.

From childhood boys are told repeatedly that their normal, innate behaviour is wrong. Boys are chastised and even medicated for what is completely normal behaviour in a system that is designed to make them fail.

Young girls are encouraged and supported throughout the already heavily feminised education system at the expense of young boys and this carries on through to the workplace where men are often discriminated against with quota systems and gender equality programs that are nothing of the sort.

Men have quite simply lost their way. We have lost our traditional roles in society and are struggling to fit into a society that no seems to hate us.

Men’s behaviour is constantly pathologized, from the simple sexism of labelling everything ‘toxic masculinity’ to being told outright that we are all – every single one of us – rapists by definition of just being men, held to account by the witch hunt movement that is me too. The ‘straight white male’ is the modern personification of all that is wrong and evil in the world, and this hostile environment for men has even led to many simply ‘going their own way’.

Fuck that.

Through this site I want to redress some of that imbalance. I want to have some of those difficult discussions around men, manhood and masculinity and to change the current narrative around gender politics.

I want to reclaim masculinity. Men are not the weak, incel apologists feminists want us to be. We are tough, incalculable and incorrigible. The aggression that feminists hate so much is used far more often to protect and defend than hurt, our ‘recklessness’ is what allowed for the curiosity and ingenuity to discover new lands over the last few thousand years and put us on the moon in the last century. Men should not be ashamed of masculinity, they should not be demonised for it, they should be thanked for it! They should be celebrated for it!

And in that vein I want to celebrate masculinity and manhood too. I want this site to be a home for all men, in the once proud tradition of manly sheds and man caves, I want this site to be a space where men can come to talk about and learn all those vital skills that were once passed down from father to son, how to hunt, fight and survive, how to fix and mend things, how to groom yourself and how to be a gentleman in todays world. I want to enjoy those things we all love without judgement, from geek culture, gaming and movies, to health, fitness, sports, cars, gadgets and travel.

Now that doesn’t mean women aren’t welcome here, of course not. We love women on this site and you are more than welcome to come and enjoy and celebrate masculine culture alongside us, because we do know that most of you aren’t man hating feminists!

So I genuinely hope that you enjoy this site and we look forward to creating content that we hope will be engaging, thought provoking and enjoyable in equal measure!